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10 TV Actresses Who Married Two Times

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Here we present a list of 10 TV actresses who got married two times. Despite all the problems of their lives, they are leading a happy life.

1. Jennifer Winget , Spouse : Karan Sing Grover (2012-2016): After Shraddha Nigam, she was his second wife and they had a magical wedding. They seemed very happy, but became one of the divorce 2017 cases. Their case is one of the recent bollywood breakups 2016.

2. Megha Gupta , Spouse : Aditya Shroff (2010-2014): She was earlier married to Aditya shroff and that marriage remained as one of the Indian TV actors gossip.

3. Sneha Wagh , Spouse : Anurag Solanki (2015)After 8 Months Filed For Divorce: She faced the real divorce stories and filed for a divorce not once but twice. She had two bad marriages and sad divorce stories.

4. Sara Khan , Spouse : Ali Merchant (2010-2011): They got married on a reality show that lasted for a few months only. This Indian TV couples split is big news even today. Ali claims this is the biggest mistake and he is happy that he is chat divorced. The TV actress hot Sara never talked about this marriage.

5. Daljeet Kar Bhanot , Spouse : Shaleen Bhanot (2009-2015): This Indian television couples in real life had a magical marriage and unhappy ending. Even filing for divorce was not easy for Daljeet!

6. Dimpy Ganguli , Spouse : Rahul Mahajan (2010-2015): they got married on Indian reality show. Life after divorce for women is not that bad and Dimpy proved that. Rahul used to hit her and after divorce she got married and has a child and now she is very happy.

7. Rashami Desai , Spouse : Nandish Singh (2012-2016): she had a very disturbed marriage. They are on the bollywood divorces list due to lots of differences.

8. Shraddha Nigam , Spouse : Karan Sing Grover (2008-2009): First wife of KSG and the marriage lasted for some months only. They are certainly not one of the TV India industrial last love couple.

9. Shweta Tiwari , Spouse : Raja Chaudhary (1998-2012): She had a marriage of 14 years and had divorce in Utah. The ex winner of big boss has a huge divorce story to tell.

10. Rucha Gujarati , Spouse : Mitul Sanghvi (2010-2013): She has a disturbed marriage. This Indian television actor’s divorce was an ugly one. Her spouse used to hit her!

11. Dipika Kakar , Spouse : Raunak Mehta (2013-2015): She is presently dating her co star from her popular show. But she has a failed marriage and one of the cases of celebrity divorces.

12. Kamya Punjabi , Spouse : Bunty Negi (2003-2013): Ugly break-ups, divorces of TV celebs will include this serial actress’s story. She has a failed marriage and an ugly breakup with boy friend Karal Patel. The mother of one child faced the case of recent divorces.
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