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Salman Khan & Daddy Salim Khan Poses SHIRTLESS On Fathers Day

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Well well do you remember the old ad Bache to bachhe baap re baap? Very similar to the ad, Salim Khan humoured Salman khan his son, on Father’s day.

We do know that the Dabanngg Khan can make anyone do anything, but when we saw the dad go shirtless on Father’s day along with Sohail and Salman we knew that Sallu indeed has a great family!

Said to be an old pic it was put up by Salman on Twitter for Father’s day and it did catch the attention of the fans as well as the public. We love you the fans seemed to say as they thronged the Twitter side with praises of their hero.

Salman sure knows to win his way through the fans’ heart even if he does bashes them when they do wrong. With his movie Bajrangi Bhaijan in the offing, Salman is very much in tabs with his fans in various ways.

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