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Pranayam Serial SHOOTING LOCATION Funny Moments|| BEHIND THE SCREEN ||പ്രണയം||

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Pranayam Serial SHOOTING LOCATION Funny Moments|| BEHIND THE SCREEN || പ്രണയം ||

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Pranayam (ml; പ്രണയം) is an Indian television series airing on Asianet channel.It is an Official remake of Ye Hai Mohabbatein.The show airs from Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM IST.
Malayalam Television actress Divya Nair and new comer Srinish plays the lead roles. It replaced the longest running serial Amma

The show follows the love story of Lekshmi Iyer, who is a Tamilian and Sharan G Menon, who is a menon. Lekshmi is sterile and gets attached emotionally to Sharan's daughter, Malu, who lives with her divorced father. Sharan's ex-wife, Kavitha, lives with her boyfriend and Sharan's ex-boss and business rival Prakash Varma and Manu, her son. Due to some circumstances, Sharan and Lekshmi marry each other for Malu's custody and gradually fall in love with each other and lead a happy life.
Kavitha creates trouble in Lekshmi and Sharan's life. Kavitha wants to marry Prakash and Lekshmi's sister Aswathy is marrying Kavitha's brother Anand. Sharan treats Anand as his brother. Prakash tries to brainwash Aswathy. Kavitha and Prakash's marriage is called off. Prakash blackmails Aswathy and Aswathy marries him to save Anand. Soon Sharan's son Manu with Kavitha also comes to them and lives with them. Kavitha tries to create troubles in Lekshmi and Sharan's love using Manu but she fail and leaves the house. The story continues by the plots to menon family by Kavitha.

Sharan's family

Srinish Aravind (Actor) as Sharan G Menon [Main male lead]
Dr.Divya Nair as Lekshmi Viswanatha Iyer a.k.a. Lekshmi Sharan G Menon [Main female lead]
Baby Megha Mahesh as Malavika/ Malu [Sharan & Kavitha's daughter ; Lakshmi's stepdaughter]
Master Siddharth as Manu [Main child antagonist ; Sharan & Kavitha's son ; Lakshmi's stepson]
Althara as Kavitha [Manu's mother ; Main female antagonist ; Sharan's ex-wife ; Prakash's ex-partner]
Naveen Arakkal as Prakash Varama [Kavitha's ex-partner ; Main male antagonist]
Jishin Mohan as Sachin Varma [Praksh's brother ; Antagonist]
Fawaz Anzil as Mani/Abhimanyu Raghav [Lekshmi's childhood friend ; Sharan's business partner]
Menon family
Kottayam Rasheed as Govinda Menon [Sharan's father]
Beena Antony as Madhavi Govinda Menon [Sharan's mother]
Amrutha as Simi [Sharan's Sister]
Rishi as Indu Gopan [Simi's husband ; Antagonist]
Adarsh as Karthik [Sharan's brother]
Vandana as Shaarika [Karthik's love interest]
Maneesh Krishna as Anand [Sharan's brotherly best friend ; Kavitha's Brother]

Iyer family
Kailas Nath as Viswanatha Iyer [Lekshmi's father]
Anuradha Krishnamoorthy as Saraswathy Viswantha Iyer [Lekshmi's mother]
Arya Sreeram as Devika Balachandran [Lekshmi's sister]
Adithyan Jayan as Balachandran a.k.a. Balu[Devika's husband]
Pratheeksha G Pradeep as Aswathy Iyer [Prakash's wife ; Anand's ex-fiance ; Lekshmi's & Devika's cousin]
Sini Varghese as Tanuja [Prakash's friend ; Helper]

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