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Ponnambili | Episode 169 - 25 July 2016 | Mazhavil Manorama

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Ponnambili is produced under the popular banner ‘Prime Focus Productions’ previously produced the superhit serial Balamani in Mazhavil Manorama. The project is directed by Shyju Sukesh and scripted by Rajani. Malarvadi Acts Club fame actress Malavika Wales essays the title character of Ponnambili in this serial . Her love interest Haripadmanabhan is portrayed by new comer Rahul.
Banner : Prime Focus
Director: Shyju Sukesh
Story: Sudhakar Mangolodayam
Scriptwriter: Rajani

Plot of the serial
“Puzhakkarakavu veedu” is an ancestral homestead with a prestigious heritage to claim from times very old. As of now , it is inherited by Appu Mash and his family.

Appumash is a teacher in a local school. His family constitutes of three daughters and one son, the son being the eldest. His name is “Abhayan”, who is as of present awaiting the results of his I.A.S test. Younger to Abhayan is “Ponnambili”, who is adept in studies as well as a very talented instrumentalist. The third one of Appumash's children is “Ashalatha”. Ashalatha is a trainee nurse. Unlike Ponnambili Ashalatha’s aspirations and perspectives on life are vastly colourful and pompous . The youngest among the four siblings is Ammu. She has a physical impediment of her legs right from the birth. But despite the physical shortcomings, she lugs herself forward in life happily. Nothing can stop her from pursuing her talents, and as of now she is all into learning music.

Apart from Appu mash , his eldest son and three young daughters , there is another member in the family. And it is the young and beautiful Malavika. Malavika is Appumash’s sister’s only daughter and is considered and loved by Appumash as one of his own daughters. Malavika’s mother had passed away years back. From then on she has lived under the loving shelter of Appu mash’s family. Malavika is an asset and the back bone of the house hold. Every nook and corner of that house needs and knows Malavika’s presence. And she lovingly makes sure that all the chores of the house are well attended to.

Appumash’s concerns and care for Malavika are basically motivated by the sympathy he feels for the girl’s tragic plight. Appu Mash’s sister, Malavika’s mother, died as result of the physical and mental tortures, that she had to suffer from her husband Raghavankutty. Malavika’s father Raghavankutty is a wayward character with no morale. He has no care or concern for anyone other than his own self. Being a drunkard, family was the last of his priorities.

Raghavankutty is under the imprisonment for the past many years. He had been sentenced to jail as a result of a verdict on a murder case trail. It had happened when Malavika was still a child.

Appumash secretly entertained a relevant intention pertaining to Malavika’s secure and happy future. He intents to get her married to his son Abhayan , as soon as Abhayan’s much awaited I.A.S test results came out. Although the decisions of the match was well set and much thought about in Appumash’s mind, he still has not opened up the matter to anyone and awaits for the right time to do it.

Appumash also wishes, believes and waits for the good times to come soon when Abhayan and his daughters would become socially and financially settled in life. Because , deep inside his heart, he knows that he alone can no longer pull the family forward depending on his meager monthly income.

To make matters worse, Appumash receives a notification from the bank on the little property of his land and the age old adjoining house they live in, which was pledged in bank as pawn for the past few years. The property was indebted at the bank years ago, in order to meet the huge expenses of treatment of Appumash’s beloved wife. She had fought the illness with the help of medicines for many years , but eventually succumbed to death. The notification from the authorities of the bank clearly states that, they are moving to the procedure of an auction of the collateral in case of nonpayment within the given time.

Considering the deteriorating financial status of the family, Ponnambili decides to leave her studies and takes up a job in a garments company. The gripping and heart rending situation of the story which happens then on are portrayed beautifully in this serial.

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