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सुनील शेट्टी इस तरह रहते है फिट आज भी 28 इंच की जीन्स पहनते है

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सुनील शेट्टी इस तरह रहते है फिट आज भी 28 इंच की जीन्स पहनते है

Sunil Shetty lives like this: Fit still wears jeans 28 inches
Sunil Shetty has been 56 years old. Sunil, born on August 11, 1961 in Mulki, Mysore, had told during an interview that the size of his waist in the last 25 years is 28 inches. If Sunil thinks he prays on his waist side, and advises the youth to be fit in the same way.

In an interview given in January 2017, Sunil had said that he would follow a very hard routine to keep himself fit.
They fully absorb the junk food and fried dishes and look at home food.
In addition, carbohydrates and proteins contain plenty of their diet.

In the March 2017 interview Sunil Shetty said that he gets up at 5 am every morning and exercises for two hours separately.
He says, "I apply the first one hour in yoga and pranayama, after 45 minutes I work out in the gym."
As Sunil said, "When I was young, real heavy lifting, weights and hard workouts, I still do the hard workouts."
"I plan to do the plan. If I have started 10 reps with heavy weight initially, then I put 20 reps with a light weight. My focus is on setting three or four sets of different exercises for the Mussels group. . "
Many people think that to make mussels, they should take maximum weight. But this is not the case. It depends on your repatriation. The real workout occurs after the 20th rep. "

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