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Prem He - प्रेम हे...Episode 3 - March 06, 2017 - Webisode

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The show is about defining love and relationships through impossible love stories, encouraging youngsters to follow their heart and believe in true love. Sometimes, you need to lose your mind to follow your heart because you cannot be wise and in love at the same time.
Sometimes, just sometimes, it's important to break the rules. The show will narrate fun, crazy, intense and exhilarating love stories of a few young lovers, who will cross the boundaries, put everything at stake, and go to unimaginable levels to win their love in the most unconventional manner possible.
The stories will be youth oriented love stories presented in a glossy, sunshine manner bringing hope, fulfillment of fantasy and an aspirational quality.
There will be a High intensity buildup treatment of romantic moments creating stirring visuals in every story to heighten the impact of romance. This will be accentuated with extensive usage of Music with musical montages, mix of specially created sound track & popular film music to amplify the romance.
Unique rooted characters will be added to make each love story come across as authentic. Stories will look at authentic backdrops with a mix of rural & small town Maharashtra to lend a visual differentiator.

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