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The Great Judaic Schism

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In our time Middle Eastern religious fervor is seen as a threat to the entire civilized world. Two thousand years ago Judean zealots were seen by Europeans in a similar light to how modern day ISIS is seen today. This had a profound effect on the world then, with surprising ramifications that remain with us to this day.

In the case of both Jews and Christians, today the overwhelming majority of the persecution coming their way is clearly documented as coming from Islam. While most Muslims are not killers, enough of them are that a backlash against Islam is inevitable. When that happens, what will that look like?

It will probably look a lot like what happened to the Jews in the first and early second centuries. Not all Jews had become radicalized in the struggle against Rome, but enough of them had, instigating murder and death throughout the Roman Empire, that public opinion everywhere turned decidedly sour against this formerly-favored group. This, in turn, brought crushing Roman reprisals against all Jews everywhere, especially in the Jewish homeland of Judea.

The near-total decimation of the religious zealots back then is very likely a harbinger of what is coming upon radical Islam in the Middle East in our near future. Now as then, the effects must be earth-shaking.

Every Jew, every Christian, every Messianic, in fact, every person, continues to be profoundly effected by the momentous events of the first century - and most don\'t even realize it. These 1st and 2nd century events radically changed the trajectory of both Rabbinic Judaism and the movement that eventually birthed the Christian Church. Also in this video, you will learn of the historic role of the Davidic Dynasty among the early believers.

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